Affordable, Cost-Efficient, Environmentally-Friendly Energy Solutions For Home and Business

QPG Energy provides businesses and homeowners with a no-fee, renewable energy procurement service. Our experienced team of industry experts will find you the best green energy deals on the market and even negotiate bespoke energy contracts. We’ll also find you the most energy-efficient technologies, including on-site energy generation solutions.

QPG ENERGY –Your First Choice Green Energy Consultant

QPG Energy’s experience within the energy industry enables us to offer our clients the very latest in renewable options. Whether you want LED lighting, solar panels, EV chargers or other energy reduction technologies, our market experts will find you the most carbon-friendly and cost-effective solutions at the most affordable prices.

Our holistic approach towards energy saving means we will work with you to reduce both your cost and your carbon footprint.


39% of new electricity production capacity installed in 2016 was solar

Not only is solar cost effective, it’s a big part of our new power plant mix. As illustrated below, last year, 39% of all new electric capacity was from solar energy, up from just 4% in 2010. As costs come down and more utilities look for solar assets, this percentage of new additions will likely go up.

Quote from Caplor Energy.

Quadrant Solar

Not only do today’s solar energy solutions help you comply with the UK’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050; they also offer exceptional long-term savings.

Business Energy

Do you want to cut energy costs and your carbon footprint?
We’ll do all the procurement work for you and find you the best solution.

Residential Energy

Want to reduce your energy bills and be environmentally-friendly? Our extensive choice of green energy suppliers means we can find you the best deals to do both.

Have you considered solar energy?

With the government trying to become carbon neutral by 2050 there is no better time to think about renewable energy in and around your business.