Affordable, Efficient and Green Energy for the Home

QPG Energy’s no fee service helps customers find low-cost green energy suppliers and affordable solutions to make your home energy efficient

Affordable, Efficient and Green Energy for the Home

QPG Energy understands that today’s climate-conscious homeowners want more environmentally-friendly ways to run their homes. We also know that the rising costs of energy and the growing use of power-hungry technology mean there’s an increasing need to switch to less expensive energy providers. Our aim is to help you do both and at the same time.

Our team of experts are here to help you in three ways. Firstly, we can help you run your homes more efficiently, utilising modern technologies, like LEDs, that are not only cheaper to run but which also have less impact on the environment.

To make a bigger contribution to the environment, we can also help you transition to more sustainable sources of energy. We can find you the best green energy suppliers or even help you install eco-friendly technologies, like solar power, that will reduce your dependency on fossil fuels for years to come.

Importantly, QPG Energy can help you do these things affordably. Our extensive knowledge of the green energy market means we can find you technologies that are priced within your budget and the very best green energy deals that you won’t find anywhere else.

As part of our non-fee service, we undertake all negotiations on your behalf, find you the best energy products and contracts and handle supplier changeovers.

Why now is the time to act

The government’s commitment to zero carbon emissions by 2050 means all businesses are under obligation to find more sustainable energy sources. With an increased likelihood of new regulations, acting now means compliance will be less of a challenge in the future.

Adopting green technology can also be good for business. According to the recent Trade Fair, Live Fair survey, 88% of consumers consider a company’s environmental stance when they shop. By becoming more environmentally-friendly, businesses are better able to meet the expectations of today’s ethical consumer. Greener energy can also help financially. By reducing your company’s energy usage and generating energy on-site, you can cut costs and lower your exposure to the frequent hikes in energy prices.

Why don't you try

QPG Energy have partnered up with to help our residential customers to save more money and stop you paying to much on your energy bill.

It’s quick, It’s easy, It’s genius.

Solar energy FAQ

If you haven’t already ,switch to LED lightbulbs they will dramatically reduce your energy, turn off appliances that are on standby and don’t need to be on constantly.turn down your thermostat a couple of degrees 

There are a number of ways ,switch to a green energy supplier ,fit LED lightbulbs look at renewables like solar PV and solar thermal 

A typical energy switch takes no longer than 17 days.

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