Energy Solutions That Are Better For The Pocket and The Planet

Clean energy has become highly sought after, enabling environmentally-conscious businesses and homeowners to power their premises while reducing their carbon footprint. Whether you are a commercial or domestic customer, QPG Energy can help you find the lowest priced clean energy deals and the most affordable and cost-effective clean energy technologies.

Clean Energy

The growing demand for clean energy has led to significant advancements in energy-saving technology. Today’s LEDs and smart lighting systems, for example, can cut consumption and energy costs by up to 80%. There have also been developments in clean, on-site power generation, with the latest solar panels being far better at generating electricity and more flexible in terms of where they can be installed.

At the same time, many energy suppliers have begun to offer clean energy deals that make use of renewable energy and carbon offsetting to provide consumers with energy that has net-zero carbon emissions. With the government committed to net-zero emissions by 2050, this is a target all UK businesses and homeowners will need to work towards.  

Our holistic approach towards energy saving means we will work with you to reduce both your cost and your carbon footprint.

Helping you find the right clean energy solution

Though these new technologies cut energy usage and emissions, the cost of procuring them and their energy efficiency can vary considerably. This leaves consumers with a considerably more complex task when it comes to finding the right clean energy solution for their needs and budgets.

This is where the team at QPG Energy can help. Our up-to-date knowledge of the latest developments, together with our experience of the energy sector, makes us best placed to find the right clean energy solution for your specific needs. What’s more, our service is free.

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